Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stuff from Laurie's Mom

A word about my Mom.  She's patient, she thinks things out before taking action.  She likes to save everything.  

I am by far my father's daughter.

Leading up to a recent craft fair, Mom lent me a hand sewing a bunch of new items.  Where there were scraps that I'd have just thrown away, she  kept them.  

Then she started making quilted blankets.  They're the same kind she made when I was a baby.  I still have one of them. It's lasted *cough* years.

So far I have two of the baby blankets posted in my store.  Mom finds joy in making them, reusing things that I didn't think had a purpose anymore.  

I am still learning from my Mom.  Learning how to quilt.  Learning patience.  Learning that everything has a purpose, and if you can't see it immediately, it helps to change the way you're looking.

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