Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making room

We've been in our house for six years and I've been wanting to do something with my sewing room since day one.  I spend a lot of time in there and have always wanted a cool, functional room.  

In purple and white.

I spent an entire day at the happiest place in the world, with my best friend and an awesome planner, designer and idea-getter:

I had an idea and a list of what I wanted.  We made a sweep through the whole store before picking up anything, snapping pictures and making notes of things we liked.  After two hours of idea-getting, and after some lunch, we spent an hour sketching things out and making a final list.  And then spent another three hours getting everything.

"Everything" filled up two carts.  And the entire back of my truck.

Seven hours in IKEA will make you go smacky.

 The Antonius closet unit gave me a nice cut during assembly, which was promptly remedied with the coolest Hulk band-aid.  I like Antonius in my closet.  Looks good.

More assembly.  I get to use a hammer for this.

Tonight I painted the trim in the sewing room white, and now I need to pick a purple.  
Then, finally, after the purple is on the walls, I can put the rest of my Ikea stuff together.

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