Friday, June 15, 2012

Inspiration and Magic Happen Here

At long last...the newly redecorated and reorganized and completely fantastic sewing room is complete.  A lot of my ideas came from here.

After the huge Ikea trip, everything had to be stored in the sewing room on the floor.  I didn't want to haul it all down to the basement just to bring it all back up in a few days, so it stayed on a lovely pile in the middle of the floor.  It was easier to work around it than to lug it up and down basement stairs.

The part of painting that I dislike the most:  Taping stuff.  

After much deliberation and many, many shades of purple, Purple Statice was finally selected as the winner.  The lilacs at my Mom's bloom this very color.

Eeeeeeek!  It's really purple, but you can see that Chairman Bob approves.

While the first coat dried, I built my cutting table while watching Top Gear on Netflix.  It took eight LACK end tables and two RIBBA picture ledges to make.

This is the next day, waiting for the second coat of paint to dry.  At IKEA I wasn't so sure about having these drawers under my table instead of table legs.  Now that the room is fully functional I don't know how I'd have done without them.  

Marching boldly forward with assembly of much stuff.  

Here is the finished room.  Many, many thanks to my Dad and his laser level and travel toolbox that's the size of my bathtub.  Dad got all my shelves and stuff hung on the walls in no time flat.

The main work station:

Storage bins, now neatly labeled.

I love these shelves.  So cute!

My cutting table.  It's absolutely a dream, what with its clever shelf on the side.

A handy, out of the way solution for thread storage.  


  1. It looks wonderful! I'm glad were able to adapt my ideas for your own room. =)

    Your wall color is so pretty! My walls are a very light shade of a similar purple. (Did you know that purple is supposed to inspire creativity? I found that out after I had already painted my walls.)

    I know you will love your new space - I still love mine after many years! Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks very much! I'd been sitting on these ideas for a long time and am so excited to finally have the room just right. :)