Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Epic Road Trip: Day One

Yesterday Tony and I left Green Bay at 7:39am and arrived in Middlesboro, Kentucky at 10:30pm.  Really, it's 9:30pm on our time...I forgot that we crossed into Eastern time.  

I drove the first half of the trip.  Chicago into Indiana there was heavy traffic with lots of big trucks.  LOTS of trucks.  Wayne lent me a CB and we listened to the drivers talking.  At one point we chimed in and got yelled at for not being invited to the talking party, so we went back into lurk mode.  It was fun trying to determine who was in what truck and where they were.  We figured there was a group three or four in our lane and close by, we heard them point out some things that we had just seen.  

Seeing the progress of Spring as we made our way south was breathtaking.  There wasn't much change from Green Bay to Indianapolis, but as we kept on, we saw that the grass was lush and green, leaves were on trees, and flowers are in bloom.

We stopped for dinner in northern Kentucky, the first stop since Indianapolis. It was a lovely surprise to get out of the car to 84 degrees, a light breeze, and sun.

After we ate, we sat on the porch in rocking chairs and played checkers with a giant board and giant checkers, and then we took a walk.  Neither one of us wanted to get back in the car,but we had three hours to go.

The sun went down and we weren't able to see the mountains and cliffs as we got to our destination.  On the way here, we did see a big fire on one of the hills along the interstate. 

We arrived at our lovely hotel, which is set into a hill.  There's a WalMart within walking distance, so we trekked down the hill and went shopping for a couple of things we forgot.  When we checked out, the cashier said "Good night, and be careful."  Be careful?  Did she know we walked? Are there werewolves?  We walked back up to the hotel quickly and I kept looking behind me the whole way.  I'm glad to report nothing scary happened.

After a great night of sleep, we are now packing up to head to the Cumberland Gap National Park.  To get there, we drive under a mountain!

Indiana at 70mph

Welcome to Kentucky. We are officially out of the Midwest!

Louisville, Kentucky:  Jon's birthplace!

Shelbeyville, Kentucky for dinner. Green grass, leaves on trees, and 84 degrees.

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